Crooked Fix


Columbia, MO


Alternative, indie rock, psychedelic rock, crossover progressive

Associated Acts:

Whiskey Autumn, Bombadil, Loose Loose, RODØ, The Hallelujah Chorus, The Adaptation, Blackwater


Years Active:

2016- Present



Parker Costello

e-mail: pcostello@berklee.edu

Hallam George

e-mail: hgeorge294@gmail.com

phone: (573) 864-1449


Timothy Jamieson

e-mail: tjamieson1@berklee.edu

phone: (573) 864-8026


Weaving together the atmosphere and oddities of psychedelia, intimacy and honesty of indie music, and intricacies of progressive rock and funk sounds like a daunting task for anyone, but Crooked Fix succeeds at doing it with a quirky gravitas.


Hailing from Columbia, Missouri, the indie-rock collective Crooked Fix formed in the tired and waning days nearing the end of summer 2016. It consists of vocalist/guitarist Hallam George, guitarist/vocalist Mickey Jamieson, bassist/vocalist Joe Holtsford, and drummer Connor Kespohl. These four, now best friends, take their audiences to the same Midwestern summers that inspired the band’s formation - a dreamy retelling of the words of those formerly acquainted, and times just beyond a hazy memory. They’ve shared the stage with many other acclaimed acts, including Whiskey Autumn, Bombadil, and Loose Loose. ​


"All the Same to Me," the third single from their upcoming album, Truths You Hide In Your Head, was released January 10, 2020, and is available on all major streaming services. 

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